Objectives of PSLP

The objectives of PSLP are:

  1. to establish a good relationship between the police and the school community - children, teachers and parents;
  2. on the basis of this relationship, to give school children an understanding of the role of the police and a respect for law and order;
  3. to make school children aware of various dangers which they may encounter, such as the dangers of involvement in crime, drug abuse, triad association, hooliganism, sexual temptations and abuse and road traffic etc.;
  4. to alert school children and school authorities to the need for crime prevention in all its aspects.
  5. to instil a sense of discipline and positive values in school children at risk through group or individual discussions with them;
  6. to refer suitable cases to the relevant multi-agency programme for follow-up action, in consultation with the social workers, school management and parents; and
  7. to act as the focal point of contact on behalf of the Police Community Relations Officer between local Police and the District Social Welfare Office as well as the school management.