Housing Benefits

Housing benefits for police officers include various types of residential accommodation within the scope of the Police Departmental Quartering Pool, Civil Service Housing Benefits and other related housing benefits. They include:

  • Local Inspectorate Quarters
  • Junior Police Officers Quarters
  • Post-tied Quarters
  • Operational Quarters
  • Civil Service Public Housing Quota
  • Non-Accountable Cash Allowance
  • Home Purchase Scheme
  • Home Finanching Scheme

Free Medical and Dental Care

Medical advice and treatment, investigative procedure and medicines are available free of charge to the police officer and his/her family by the Government or Hospital Authority. A charge is made for hospital maintenance. Dental treatment (extraction and fillings) is provided free of charge in Government dental clinics and reasonable charges are made for dentures and dental appliances.

Paid Leave

  • Vacation Leave
    Vacation leave is earned at a standard rate.

  • Sick Leave
    Sick leave may be granted on the advice of medical practitioner. An officer, with less than 4 years of service, is eligible for 91 days sick leave on full pay and 91 days on half pay.For those officers who have 4 or more years of service, they are eligible for 182 days sick leave on full pay and 182 days on half pay.

  • Maternity Leave
    An officer, with not less than 40 weeks of continuous service, is entitled to have maternity leave of 14 weeks on full pay.

  • Paternity Leave
    With effect from 1 April 2012, paternity leave, up to five working days with full-pay, may be granted to eligible full time male police officers, on each occasion of childbirth, provided that the officer with no less than 40 weeks’ continuous services immediately before the expected or actual date of confinement of his wife, whichever is later.

Education Assistance

The Police Children's Education Trust and the Police Education and Welfare Trust provide financial assistance to officers in pursuing the secondary and tertiary education of their children.

Recreation and Sport

The Police Officers' Club (for Inspectorate officers and above) is situated in Causeway Bay and the Police Sports Recreation Club (for all ranks) is situated at Boundary Street. These Clubs provide a diverse range of social, sporting and recreational facilities for police officers. In addition, two smaller centres are maintained at Tai Mei Tuk (Tai Po) and Tso Wo Hang (Sai Kung). These centres provide basic services in more relaxed surroundings and the latter accommodates overnight visitors.

Officers are entitled to use the holiday homes and hotels under a subsidy scheme of the Police Welfare Fund by paying reasonable rent. These holiday homes and hotels are situated at popular locations in Hong Kong such as, Lantau Island and Tai Po, and certain Mainland cities, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Panyu and Nansha. They are also encouraged to join any of the sports club which are subsidised by the Police Welfare Fund. Moreover, sports and recreational activities are also regularly organised by Regions, Districts or Divisions.