JPC Chinese Flag-raising Competition 2023

JPC & Youth Corner

Starting in November, the “JPC Chinese Flag-raising Competition 2023” was divided into three stages, namely the preliminary rounds, the semi-finals and the final. In the preliminary rounds, students filmed the flag-raising ceremony videos and submitted them online for the competition. The competition received overwhelming response and more than 100 teams from primary and secondary school participated. The flag-raising competition comprised 2 flag-guards and 1 flag-carrier. The judges assessed the competition on the basis of appearance, formation, marching movements, commands, flag-raising and timing.

The semi-finals were held on 18 November 2023 at the Hong Kong Police College and the champions, the first runners-up, the second runners-up and the third runners-up of the six regions were selected. The champions of the regions competed for the overall champion, the first runner-up, the second runner-up, the Best Flag Bearer Award and the Best Appearance Award in the final at the Hong Kong Police College on 3 December 2023.

List of Winners (Chinese version only):
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