An Unforgettable Experience “FIRESWEEPER 2023”


Both JPC and SPC members were invited to role play in the “FIRESWEEPER 2023” police exerciseHayden (first right) was making up injury on his right leg to perform a victim in an explosion incident in the exercise.


JPC Member of Border District
LAM Hayden

       Have you ever participated in a police exercise? I have, and it was an unforgettable experience.

       The exercise started at night on 17th June, and most of us were feeling excited. At first, we went to Police Border Headquarters to have a briefing. When we arrived, a police officer called my name and two other JPC members to come forward. He said, "I'll help you guys with your makeup, and once it's done, I'll give you this card to let the police know you are a victim."

       Then, a police officer announced that the exercise was about dealing with a person who was carrying something like a power bank and had the potential to explode and cause an incident. The announcement shocked us all.

       After a while, we rode in a car to Lo Wu MTR station and quickly entered to start the exercise. Just five minutes after starting, we heard a loud "boom!" sound, and someone started acting as if they were injured. A minute later, several medics came to their aid, and the police called me and two others over to ask us to leave.

       Finally, everyone successfully made it out of the station, and the police thanked the JPC members who participated in the exercise by giving us some souvenirs.



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