PHQ super gym!

ACP P Ng Wai-kit cuts the ribbon to officially
re-open the fitness and training room at Police

THE refurbished and re-equipped fitness training room at PHQ, which has been online for a number of weeks now, was officially re-opened by ACP P Ng Wai-kit on 12 May.
The comprehensive improvements include the addition of top-of-the-range cardio-vascular equipment in the form of 5 new bicycles, 6 steppers and a treadmill, as well as vastly improved strength training equipment and a host of minor structural and cosmetic alternations.
During his speech Mr Ng noted the overall quality of the facility and linked this to the Force strategy for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, stating that Force management is always keen to see its officers taking an interest in their health. ACP P also joked that with such good facilities there was now no excuse for any officer in PHQ to fail his or her Annual Fitness Test.
Mr Ng explained that the work on the gym was one part of a larger project being undertaken by Sports and Recreation Division to modernise and upgrade the Force's fitness facilities. Until now about $4 million has been spent on this project, of which PHQ and about 20 (mainly district HQ) station/bases have had their fitness training rooms re-equipped.
Mr Ng singled out Inspector Jim Walker for his work done on the whole project, along with Joe Wong of Police Stores, adding that praise was also due to WSIP Lam Mei-lai of P&D Branch and Chu Seung-ming of ASD for their work on PHQ's facilities.
SP Sports and Recreation Raymond Mak Kwai-sing and his staff introduced ACP P to a new service which will become available at PHQ in a few weeks time - computerised fitness testing, lifestyle profiling and exercise programming. Producing a comprehensive health profile, the package involves testing an individual's blood pressure, body weight, body fat, flexibility, strength, lung capacity and heart-rate.
A separate programme questions a client on lifestyle management including nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, stress, safety and the like before producing a "wellness" profile. The computer then takes all the information and creates questions to be answered by the client in desired fitness goals before producing a full exercise programme.
Mr Mak said that this advanced assessment service would be of significant benefit to officers of all ages, adding that a comparable service would cost hundreds of dollars in the private sector, and that it was likely that a nominal fee would be charged at PHQ.
Discussing future developments SP Mak mentioned that this was part of an overhaul of S&R Div, with much more emphasis on service to users of the gym.
"We are very conscious of our need to provide facilities and services for all Force members - not just young fit males," he said. "I am very happy to see PHQ gym so busy now, and especially pleased to note that more ladies are now able to enjoy the facility."
Mr Mak added: "Jim Walker and his staff are very keen to make even more improvements and are happy to receive any suggestions. For the record, we are looking at ways to make things better in the changing rooms, and we have initiated a move to convert the squash courts into an aerobics/martial arts studio."

The comprehensive improvements to the fitness and training room include state-of-the-art cardiovascular
and strength training equipment as well as a host of structural and cosmetic alterations

Pumping up. Officers can hardly wait to
try out the new equipment in the PHQ gym,
part of a larger project being undertaken
by Sports & Recreation Division to
modernise and upgrade the Force's fitness

Inspector Jim Walker demonstrates the
gym's new computerised fitness testing,
lifestyle profiling and exercise
programming facilities

Inspector Walker can't pinch an inch on this
physically fit officer

Officers in PHQ now have no excuse not to pass their Annual Fitness Test

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