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Residents thank
Traffic Kowloon West officers


On behalf of over 5,000 residents of Beacon Heights on Lung Ping Road, I would like to express my gratitude to officers of Traffic Kowloon West for the wonderful job they did in ensuring pedestrian safety at our estate.
Owing to the temporary closure of a tunnel leading from Lung Cheung Road to Nam Cheong Street, vehicles previously using it were diverted to Lung Ping Road which is in the middle of Beacon Heights. This sudden diversion of traffic resulted in a large number of giant goods vehicles as well as dump trucks speeding through our estate and causing a great nuisance and potential danger to residents who have to cross the road every day.
Fearing a traffic accident, our residents expressed their concern to the chairman of the Sham Shui Po District Board as well as the Administrative Officer for the District.
We also approached SSP Traffic Kowloon West, K C Fong, who, after examining the situation on site, was very sympathetic to our concerns and instructed police officers to extensively patrol the area on motorcycles during busy hours. He also installed traffic signs along Lung Ping Road - which not only succeeded in reducing incidents of speeding, but also resulted in a total of 11 prosecutions against overloaded vehicles.
Upon the opening of the Tai Po Road flyover on 30 April 98, those vehicles are no longer diverted through our estate and the situation has improved.
As a token of our gratitude to SSP Fong and his staff we would like to present them with a banner for their help.

Chow Oi Wang
Incorporated Owners of Beacon Heights

Decision more suited to local commander


I have every sympathy for "a sweaty officer" who had to endure a warm 'C' shift in a heavy tunic (letter issue 633 and reply).
I find it somewhat bizarre that we give our officers thousands of dollars worth of equipment, issue them firearms, bestow on them the responsibility of using their judgement to decide if it is justified to shoot and possibly kill another human being, and yet we need to have an Assistant Commissioner to tell them when it's warm enough to take their jackets off!
Surely this is a decision that would be more suitable for a local commander?

Yours faithfully
Richard Bone, SIP
CID Yau Ma Tei

New Auxy Deputy Commandant
Arthur Kwok Chi-shun

Appointment of Deputy Commandant
Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force

THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE has approved the appointment of Arthur Kwok Chi-shun as the Deputy Commandant of the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force with effect from 12 June 1998.

Mr Kwok has born in Hong Kong in 1945. He is married with two children and is a professional architect. He is the fourth son of the late Kwok Lam-po of the Wing On Holdings and subsidiary companies.

Mr Kwok joined the Auxiliary Police Force as an Inspector on 20 June 1977. He was promoted to Chief Inspector in October 1983, Superintendent in March 1987, Senior Superintendent in March 1991 and to his present rank of Chief Superintendent in January 1996.

Between 1983 and 1989 he was appointed a Police Honorary Aide-de-Camp to the Governor of Hong Kong.

After his promotion to chief superintendent Mr Kwok spent a half-year commanding Auxiliary officers in the New Territories South Region.

Since mid-1996 he has been in command of the Headquarters Branch of the Auxiliary Police Force. He has recently undertaken a restructuring of the Branch with a view to enhancing the communication between the Auxiliary and Regular Forces in respect of operational deployment, personnel management and training functions at senior levels. This has further cemented the understanding and co-operation between the Forces.

P Wing makes a clean sweep

Former ACP P Ng Wai-kit presenting
"Ha Tse" with a souvenir of thanks

DUE to the upcoming demolition of May House as part of the Police Headquarters Redevelopment Project, the offices of Personnel Wing were relocated to the sixth floor of Arsenal House on 14 June. Office telephone numbers remain unchanged.

On 10 June, before the departure of Personnel Wing staff, Mrs Keung Leung Yin-har, affectionately known as "Ha Tse", was presented with a souvenir by the former ACP P Ng Wai-kit for her dedication to duty as a member of the Wing's cleaning staff over the past 18 years.

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