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Thanks to Hong Kong Island Officers
(The CP also received this letter.)

I would like to draw your attention to the case pertaining to the murder and robbery of my sister Cecilia on March 20, 1998, in Patterson Street, Causeway Bay.

She and myself were set upon by two robbers - in the skirmish my sister was stabbed to death. The Police were able to apprehend one of the two robbers, the one who killed my sister.

The police officers listed below were involved in the apprehension of the robbers and have my deepest gratitude - especially the Regional Crime Unit 3A of Hong Kong Island.

* Detective Senior Inspectors Chua Ming-tat and Lam Pui-Kin, Detective Station Sergeant Ng Kwok-ying, Detective Sergeants Kung Chi-tak, Leung Wing-fai and Wong Ho, Sergeant Louis Kwok Nim-chi, Detective Police Constables Tommy Lau Che-tung, Ho Yin-man and Pang Kwok-hung, Yeung Lui, Chang Hon-ming and Lee Kwun-keung and Woman Police Constable Lo Yuet-ying.

Their attitude towards solving the case and the timely apprehension of the suspect is commendable. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hong Kong Police Force and all the officers involved in solving the crime.

These officers were above reproach in their handling of the case during such a sad time for my family and myself. I understand the apprehension of suspects in such cases is very difficult and the officers worked very hard to apprehend the killer.

I feel it is my duty to inform you of the dedication and professionalism in solving the case.

Rose Chou Tai Ting

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