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Crime e-page goes online

Page maker: CCB DSIP Paul Bailey calls up the CW homepages

Detectives needing information and advice on particular crimes can now turn to the Crime Wing Homepage which opens this week.

The site features a wealth of information on the work and assistance offered by the Wing's formations such as the Organised Crime and Triad, Criminal Intelligence, Narcotics, Commercial Crime, Identification, Criminal Records and Forensic Firearms Examination Bureaux, and a host of other units.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) and chairman of the page's co-ordinating committee Thomas Chan Wai-ki said: "We have tried to make the homepage a useful source of information for the Force on the functions of and services provided by various formations in the Wing. We have also asked all units to identify contact points in their units so Force staff know who to approach for advice and assistance."

Mr Chan said the information the units provided in their pages had to be balanced with the need for confidentiality.

"We have tried to provide as much information as we can for internal Force use. To judge how well we have achieved this, each unit page has a feedback link so we can assess how successful we have been in this area and amend the pages in light of such comments where this can be done."

Helping co-ordinate the page, CCB Detective Senior Inspector Paul Bailey said: "The whole idea is to give investigators easy and speedy access to the info they need. One click on POINT leads to the Crime homepage, and another click there leads to the services index or the Crime formation you require, while another click from the page gets you to the data you need such as the type of services provided by the formation and info on who to contact.

"It offers legislation information and contacts for legal advice, and also has a table of contents, help and feedback pages, and links to the POINT search engine."

He urged frontline investigators to use the page and offer improvement suggestions through the feedback section.

All English pages have been uploaded along with some Chinese ones, the rest of which will come online in the coming months.

Mr Chan noted a good deal of work from the Wing and other formations had gone into preparing the page with 19 'webmasters' being trained and appointed to generate the pages for formations.

"I would like to thank Kieran Wright of Information Systems and May Liu of IT Branch and their teams for their assistance and support, along with Alan Chan and David Wong of MIIDSS and DSIP Bailey for their hard work in co-ordinating the page's development," Mr Chan said.

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