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Bogus claim quashed

CSP Steve Chandler and SSP Kenny Ip applaud SGT Wong Yiu's sleuth skills

Police Constable Cheung Chi-keung received a commendation on June 20 for his prompt work in vindicating a colleague facing a malicious complaint.

The Police Tactical Unit Golf Company officer received the accolade from Complaints and Internal Investigations Branch Chief Superintendent Steve Chandler, citing his alertness and diligence.

On November 27, a man was arrested by PC Chan Wai-hong of Kowloon West Emergency Unit Platoon One, in Sham Shui Po for failing to produce proof of identify. He was detained in a temporary cell of the Sham Shui Po Police Station Report Room when PC Cheung, then in Sham Shui Po Division, saw him scratching his right arm with keys.

PC Cheung discovered a number of wounds on the detainee's arm with small traces of blood and stopped him from harming himself. The detainee alleged the wounds were caused by PC Chan and complained to the Duty Officer. Subsequently PC Cheung took photos of the wounds and the keys, and the case was followed up by the Kowloon Complaints Against Police Office, while the man was sent for treatment.

A Consultant Forensic Pathologist found the wounds were self-inflicted and the man was prosecuted, admitting in court to a charge of 'attempting to mislead a police officer by giving false information' on May 9. He was sentenced to 120 hours Community Service on June 7.

While praising PC Cheung, Mr Chandler reminded officers to be alert and guard against malicious complaints. CAPO Senior Superintendent Kenny Ip Lau-chuen and Golf Coy Commander Christopher Jones also attended the presentation.

Mr Chandler later presented a commendation letter to Sergeant Wong Yiu of CAPO Kowloon Office Team One on June 29 for his outstanding performance in the investigation of the case.

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