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World-class tactical training complex on target

Within range: The new Tactical Training Complex is shaping up to be one of the most advanced in the world - here's an artist's impression of the completed structure

Trial by firing: A test session with a mock jewellery shop

Work has now reached the half way stage on the $160 million Tactical Training Complex, which is on target for completion mid-2001.

The foundation has been formed and the skeleton structure erected on the Police Training School site. Three mock up shops have been opened for trials using marked ammunition which leaves a splash of paint instead of a bullet hole.

The tests ensure the training ammunition does not stain or break various surfaces used in the mock environments such as wood finishes, tempered glass and plastic sheeting.

Planning and Development Branch Project Officer Alice Lee Wai-sum said: "The complex would be the most advanced facilities of its type available to any law enforcement agency. Already other forces overseas are showing keen interest with visitors already from the Mainland and Singapore.

"At 6,655 square metres, the two-storey complex will simulate a variety of typical Hong Kong scenes including bars, MTR stations, stalls, shops, a bank and a disco.

"We are trying to establish the most realistic environment possible, so when complete, the shops will be fully stocked with items that closely resemble a whole variety of produce, such as goods commonly found in convenience stores.

"But while striving for a realistic setting, we are also taking care to make the place as safe as possible for the trainees by avoiding sharp edges on benches and counters."

The complex would include briefing and spectator areas, classrooms, store rooms, wireless-controlled pop-up targets and a closed-circuit video system. There will also be an advanced environmental control system to simulate actual working conditions. This will include an audio system which can broadcast a variety of street sounds, and different levels of illumination ranging from day to night time conditions.

PTS Chief Drill and Weapons Instructor Cliff Chow Kwok-kee said: "It is shaping up to be a fantastic complex which will definitely enhance tactics training not only for PTS trainees, but also other Force members such as those from the Detective Training School and Emergency Units who will also use it. We have longed for a facility this good for many years."

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