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Random allocation set for SSGT promotions

Kenny is ready!: SSP Moderator JPO Promotions Kenny Chow at the computer

Candidates in this year's Sergeant to Station Sergeant promotion exercise will be allocated randomly to assessment teams by computer for the first time.

Previous exercises have seen candidates from the same formation allocated to Force Promotion Assessment Teams (FPATs) en bloc.

Kenny Chow Yin-wo, Senior Superintendent Moderator Junior Police Officer Promotions, said the move using the computer would greatly boost impartiality.

"In the past, candidates from a particular formation were allocated to a particular FPAT as a whole. However, using a computer, we can now distribute candidates to FPATs randomly instead of doing it manually," he said. "This will emphasise the impartiality."

Some 632 candidates, 595 from general streams and 37 from specialist streams, were recommended by formations to fill 45 general and five specialist vacancies that may arise in the 2002/2003 financial year.

Candidates would be assessed under a standardised marking system and questions asked would be drawn from a centralised question bank to ensure a consistent standard was applied through the Force.

Three FPATs were formed in May, each consisting of one Superintendent as Chairman and two Chief Inspectors, and were briefed by Mr Chow on the revised system and reminded of the importance of fairness and impartiality. FPAT members would also attend a workshop on June 27, to hone their skills and knowledge in conducting interviews.

The interview phase runs from July 9 to August 1, followed by Force Review Board chaired by Mr Chow. Promotion recommendations would then be made to the Commissioner on October 10.

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