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Crime Prevention Bureau(CPB)

The Crime Prevention Bureau (CPB) aims to prevent crime in Hong Kong by persuading members of the public to do more to protect themselves and their property. This is done in a number of ways. For example, giving specific security advice to members of the public as well as other government departments, running crime prevention campaigns, publicising crime prevention measures through television and printed media, liaison with and regulation of the private security industry, and by running training courses for police as well as seminars on security related topics for various outside bodies. The ultimate aim is to persuade the public to take more responsibility for their own security and, in this way, reduce the level of crime in Hong Kong.

The Crime Prevention Bureau has three sections. Please click on the following hyperlinks to learn more about the work of each section and the services they provide. In addition each District Police Station has a Crime Prevention Officer who is available to provide help with Crime Prevention Matters.

If you would like more information on the organisation and work of the Regional Crime Prevention Units, then click on the hyperlink at the bottom of this page.