Protect Your Office

Crime Matters

Crime Prevention Bureau(CPB)

Every year, millions of dollars worth of property is stolen from offices. Often, simple security precautions could have prevented these crimes, but in many cases these precautions were not properly taken and the office owner paid the price.

Why is your office at risk?
  • They close at night making them vulnerable to burglars;

  • Staff can steal property from the office;

  • Small, valuable items of office equipment such as laptops, PDAs and projectors are often left unattended, especially at lunch times; and

  • The large number of people visiting the office, such as customers and delivery agents, inevitably exposes the office to crimes such as theft.

How to secure your premises

Front Door:
  • If you have to use glass, use laminated security glass.

Back Door:
  • Back doors are favourite targets for burglars because they are usually hidden from view; and

  • If you have a back door make sure that it is:

    • strong, preferably steel;

    • fitted with interior top and bottom bolts; and

    • fitted with a burglar-resistant mortice deadlock.

  • Protect windows with roller shutters or iron bars, and remove valuable goods from display windows at night.

  • Always leave some lights on at night. This is a good deterrent, and also allows the police to see inside when it is dark.

  • Don't try to hide it in the office, as a burglar will find it; always take cash to the bank every day. (See also the advice on how to protect your money).

  • If you have to leave cash in the office, use a good quality modern safe fixed to the floor.

  • Use a properly installed burglar alarm system fitted by a reputable company. (See also the advice on alarm systems).

  • All visitors should be subject to access control, registered by reception staff and escorted whilst on the premises;

  • Staff should wear corporate ID and challenge those not displaying company/visitor ID;

  • Office equipment should not be removed without clearance by the owner/user;

  • Relief reception staff should be fully briefed on reception duties; and

  • Staff should adopt a "Clean Desk" policy and should secure vacant offices.

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