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【 Publicity Video • Install CCTV • Prevent Burglary 】

Every year, millions of dollars worth of property is stolen from shops by shoplifters and burglars. Often, simple security precautions could have prevented these crimes. Unfortunately in many cases these precautions have not been taken and the shop owner has paid the price.

How to secure your shops

Front Door:

  • If your premises has a glass door, make sure you use laminated security glass.

Back Door:

  • Back doors are favourite targets for burglars because they are usually hidden from view.
  • If you have a back door, make sure it is:
    1. strong, preferably steel;
    2. fitted with interior top and bottom bolts; and
    3. fitted with a burglar-resistant mortice deadlock.


  • Protect windows with roller shutters or iron bars, and remove valuable goods from display windows at night.


  • Always leave some lights on at night. This is a good deterrent, and also allows the police to see inside when it is dark.


  • Bank cash every day. Don't store cash in the shop as burglars can easily find it. (See advice on how to protect your money).


  • If you have to leave cash in the shop, use a good quality modern safe fixed to the floor or wall.


  • Use a properly installed burglar alarm system fitted by a reputable company. (See also the advice on alarm systems). 

How to prevent shop theft:

  • Train your staff to be alert.  Consider deploying more security guards if necessary;
  • Install convex mirrors to improve visibility of all parts of your shop;
  • CCTV can also enhance deterrence and level of security;
  • Put up warnings. Display signs such as: " thieves caught in this store will be prosecuted" and "your actions are closely monitored by our staff";
  • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) or Radio-frequency identification (RFID) are important anti-shop-theft technology;
  • If magnetic security tags are being used, contact the suppliers from time to time for upgrading in order to prevent culprits from removing them from luxury items by means of strong magnets and hooks or other devices;
  • Display "copy” high-value goods or combine them with low-value goods; or, display costly items in secure showcases;
  • Ensure deliveries are quickly removed to a place of secure storage;
  • Conduct frequent stock checks; and
  • If you catch a thief or any suspected theft is noticed, report to the police.

How to prevent car-ramming burglary

  • Shops located at street level that sell expensive portable items such as jewellery, watches, handbags or Chinese medicine face the risk of burglary by car ramming;
  • The best solution would be choosing a shop location with no direct vehicular access to the shop front;
  • If possible, construct the shop front display window with a solid platform of at least 60 cm in height;
  • Install chain-link roller shutter behind the glass panels for additional protection;
  • High-value items should be kept inside secure storage facility within the shop (e.g. strong room or safe) outside business hours;
  • Display photos of very high-value goods at shop windows instead of the real items outside business hours; and
  • Choose a shop location that has bollards, railings or planters for greater protection from the traffic.