NTN launches campaign to promote student road safety

Traffic Matters

The “Smart Student Pedestrians” campaign is launched across NTN Region in May and June 2018 by the Road Safety Team of T NTN together with stakeholders including Chairmen and Vice-chairmen of Traffic and Transport Committees, District Councillors, the Hong Kong Road Safety Patrol [NTN Region], Senior Police Call volunteers, District Traffic Teams and Police Community Relations Offices, focusing on publicity and education about road safety at schools within the Region through distribution of publicity leaflets and explanation of the importance of pedestrian safety. Some students who properly make use of pedestrian crossing facilities are given the title “Model Student Pedestrian” and are awarded certificates of commendation and souvenirs. Over 50 students have been awarded up to now, and there is a hope that they could keep it up and help their classmates raise their awareness of road safety and make good use of pedestrian crossing facilities for realization of the hope "Zero Accidents on the Road, Hong Kong’s Goal".