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Road Safety is one of the Commissioners' Operational Priorities in 2023. Through Engineering, Engagement, and Enforcement, we aim at enhancing the level of road safety in Hong Kong.

Commissioner's Operational Priorities 2023 - Road Safety

  1. Reduce fatal and serious accidents, particularly those involving public transport and cycling, through a multi-agency approach.
  2. Deter drink driving, drug driving, speeding and illegal road racing.
  3. Promote safe cycling, and pedestrian safety with particular emphasis on elderly.
  4. Ensure smooth traffic flow through application of the Selected Traffic Enforcement Priorities (STEP) and the use of technology.

In 2022, there were 14 849 traffic accidents involving casualties, with 956 casesinvolving serious injuries and 89 involving fatalities. The numbers of accidents involving casualties reduced by 17 percent and the number of accidents involving serious injuries and fatalities reduced by 46 percent as compared with 2021. We will continue to work in partnership with other government departments, transport associations, road safety stakeholders, educational bodies and community organisations to make Hong Kong a safer place for road users.

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