Traffic Branch Headquarters Thematic Study and Cycling Safety Cue Card Press Conference

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Cycling Safety Cue Card
Cycling Safety Cue Card

In order to raise the public’s awareness of cycling safety, the Traffic Branch Headquarters (TBHQ), together with the Transport Department (TD), the Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) and the Cycling Association of Hong Kong China, held a joint departmental press conference on cycling safety in the Hong Kong Police College.

Ms. WONG Ping-ping, Acting Senior Superintendent of TBHQ, announced the results of thematic study on fatal and serious injured traffic accidents involving cyclist in the first three quarters of 2020.

The study found that there were a total of 274 fatal and serious injured traffic accident involving cyclist in the first three quarters of 2020, of which 80% (220 cases), the causalities were cycling alone at the accident time. In addition, 60% (160 cases) of accidents involved only one bicycle without any third part influenced, so called “self-collision”.

The thematic study showed that accidents involving cyclists are not induced by age, location and obvious external high-risk factors. However, personal physical ability, cycling attitude, whether adequate safety measures taken and the Road Users’ Code are followed the keys of cycling safety.

In addition, Ms. WONG Ping-ping introduced to the media about a cue card jointly produced by TBHQ, TD and AMS. Other than methods for bicycle checking, the card also includes first aid tips and the first aid services provided by AMS along designated cycling tracks on Saturdays and Sundays. The cue card will be distributed at different cycling tracks for free.

In addition, Mr. HUGO Pius, engineer of TD, announced the overall statistics of accidents involving cyclists in the first three quarters of 2020. Ms. CHAN Yuk-wah Gladys, Senior Operations and Training Officer of AMS, introduced the emergency services provided by AMS on the cycling track. Dr. CHAN Kwok-ki, Vice Chairman of the Cycling Association of Hong Kong China, and Mr. CHAN Chun-hing, the former representative of the Hong Kong Cycling Team, explained and demonstrated basic cycling skills and protective equipment for safety cycling.