Project Angel Cycling Safety Training Day

Traffic Matters

Traffic Branch Headquarters rolled out the “Project Angel” in partnership with Road Safety Council, Regional Road Safety Team and Road Safety Association since December 2016.  Project Angel aims at engaging the youths to promote road safety works via peers and family influence.  The Project has nurtured about 60 road safety youth leaders who shoulder the responsibility of road safety publicity.

“Project Angel Cycling Safety Training Day” was organized by Traffic Branch Headquarters at Shatin Road Safety Park on 26 August 2018.  It raised the participants’ cycling safety awareness and promoted the importance of cycling safety through theory and practice.  This activity has been postponed two times since mid-Aug. because of inclement weather.  Nevertheless, about a hundred students, parents and teachers had participated in this activity and it was completed successfully.

Cycling Safety Training Day was divided into two sessions.  In the first session, registered coaches from the Cycling Association of Hong Kong, China gave a talk on cycling safety and demonstrated cycling safety techniques.  Then, participants practised cycling along the cycling track of Shing Mun Riverside under the instruction of coaches.  Eventually, all participants completed the sessions wholeheartedly under the hot weather.