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To enhance the frontline officers’ professional knowledge of handling cruelty to animals, continuous training has been provided in the Recruit Police Constable Foundation Training, Probationary Inspector Foundation Training, Police Constable Continuation Training and Standard Criminal Investigation Training.

Commencing in 2014, the Police College has increased the teaching hours and participation of experts in this area in the training. Apart from instructors of the Police College and SPCA, experienced crime investigation officers from the designated investigation teams are arranged to share the best practices and their experience in handling animal cruelty with the trainees.

In collaboration with AFCD and SPCA, the Force organises seminars and workshops for officers from time to time as refresher trainings. District Commanders also coordinate appropriate trainings according to the crime trends of respective districts.

In addition, an e-learning package on handling cruelty to animals has been designed and made available on the police intranet. The Force will also continue to attend conventions relating to animal welfare and to exchange knowledge with experts.

Training on handling cruelty to animals is provided to officers at different stages throughout their careers. With more intensified training, police officers will develop the ability and confidence to handle the relevant cases in whatever posts they hold.