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Messages on caring for animals and the latest development of AWS are publicised through various channels, including Police Magazine, Police Public Page, Hong Kong Police Facebook, Hong Kong Police Instagram, District Fight Crime Committees and Junior Police Call, to enlist community support and enhance public awareness on the prevention of cruelty to animals.

The Force also joins hands with AWS members to hold different events to raise public awareness on animal welfare.

For example, the Force mounted a 10-week charity campaign “One-Arm Push Up Challenge” in early 2018. Throughout the event, the public was encouraged to do one-arm push ups to experience the hardship of disabled animals and raise funds for such animals, which resulted in a donation amounting to more than $1 million for the Society for Abandoned Animals. At the closing ceremony on 7th April 2018, participants performed a mass one-arm push ups lasting one minute, setting a record for the “Most people performing one-arm push ups” in the Guinness World Records and reinforcing the messages of caring for animals and respect for all life to the community.