Tourism Visit to Sha Tau Kok Frontier Closed Area

Licences / Permits

Following the 1st phase of opening the Sha Tau Kok Frontier Closed Area (“FCA”) in the northern New Territories in June 2022, the government will further open up Sha Tau Kok FCA in January 2024 to allow the public to gain a deeper understanding of the local history, culture, natural scenery, and tourist attractions in Sha Tau Kok. The Sha Tau Kok FCA (except Chung Ying Street) will be opened for travelers holding valid Closed Area Permits on a quota basis, including tour groups and individual tourists.

To further enhance the service quality, Hong Kong Police Force has launched the 'HKPF Online Applications Platform' since December 1, 2023, to facilitate the public and travel agents to submit applications for Tourism Closed Area Permits online. When applying online, you need to prepare relevant application documents, such as travel agents’ documents, itinerary, and tourists’ identification documents, etc.

Tourism Closed Area Permits are issued on a first-come-first-served basis, and all applications must be submitted at least three full working days before the intended visit date. It is free of charge. The entire application process, from filling out the form to downloading the approved permits, is done through the online platform. When entering the Sha Tau Kok FCA, tourists present the electronic permit file or print out the permit for police officers to check for access.

Interested members of public can visit the following website to understand the procedures for applying for Tourism Closed Area Permits and to submit an application.

For information about local tours to the Sha Tau Kok Frontier Closed Area, public can pay attention to the announcement made by the Hong Kong Tourism Industry Council or directly contact licensed travel agencies to sign up for the tours.