Answer (1): No, the so-called intention is not too late. The maximum age of our auxiliary police students is 52 years old, and all of them can successfully graduate. Therefore, there is no need to worry too much about age. During the test period, we have a group of enthusiastic auxiliary police volunteers who hold a physical fitness workshop to help everyone pass the physical fitness test. During the training period, we also have physical fitness instructors. In the physical fitness class, we use effective and diversified training methods to gradually improve the physical fitness of the trainees to cope with the entire training and future police work. In fact, as long as you adjust your mentality and prepare well, physical fitness can definitely be exercised, and age is never an obstacle to taking the test.

Answer (2): To be an auxiliary police officer, you do not need to know how to swim or have the qualifications for lifesaving. Our job is to help the citizens, and in different situations, to use their strengths to achieve the mission of emergency rescue.

Answer (3): During the selection process, all candidates are required to pass the integrity checks, so all relevant work histories must be provided.

Answer (4): In terms of the basic training course for auxiliary police, commonly known as the adult class, the training time for auxiliary police is arranged on 2 nights on weekdays (starting at 7 pm) and/or mornings on weekends (starting at 9 am in the morning), I believe it will not be a problem for adult candidates. During the training period, in addition to being able to take care of work and family, there is enough time to review the notes, so as long as the time is allocated reasonably, it is definitely not a problem.

Answer(5): Our job is to deal with the citizens of Hong Kong, and there are certain requirements for language proficiency in both writing and speaking.

For Chinese language, candidates are required to obtain Level 2 in the Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, or Level E in the HKCEE

Candidates who fail to meet the above requirements can take the Chinese Proficiency Assessment Test organized by the Police Recruitment Team to assess whether the applicant has the Chinese writing skills required to perform auxiliary police duties. As for English, candidates need to obtain Level 2 in the HKDSE, or Level E in the HKCEE.

Answer6): Of course you can, as long as you have the heart to serve Hong Kong, the Auxiliary Police Force welcomes any full-time, part-time or unemployed candidates to apply for the Auxiliary POlice, so don't hesitate any more.

Answer (7): If the trainee fails to attend the training on the day due to work engagement or special circumstances during the training period, he/she can apply for absence to the course instructor in advance. After passing-out, you can also apply to your police district for a change that can be returned to work according to your work or personal schedule. If you fail to return to work for other reasons, you can also cancel the applied duty to your team in advance. Therefore, the Auxiliary Police is full of flexibility, fully meeting with personal work and family arrangements.

Answer(8): We will try our best to make the most suitable allocation according to the work and living locations of the graduates, as well as the manpower needs of different police districts.

Answer(9): Of course, it is possible. Auxiliary police provides diversified and flexible work time, ranging from four hours to eight hours. Auxiliary Police can report flexibly according to their own needs. job demands.