Recruit Police Constables (Auxiliary) Basic Training Course

A Recruit Police Constable (Auxiliary) is required to attend a 370-hour Basic Training Course spreads over 26-33 weeks.

Each Recruit Police Constable (Auxiliary) is required to attend two to three evening training sessions per week between 7:00pm and 11:00pm in the HKAPF Headquarters, No.12 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay. Content of training including:

Police procedures
Foot drill
Physical training
Weapons handling
Practical exercises

In addition, a Recruit Police Constable (Auxiliary) is required to attend half-day/full-day weapon and tactics training at the Hong Kong Police College and the ranges of Hong Kong Police Force on Saturdays, Sundays or General Holidays


Recruit Police Constables (Auxiliary) Special Basic Training Course
Special Basic Training Course was introduced in 2003 to provide basic full time training to new recruits who are undergraduate students recruited under the Auxiliary Undergraduate Scheme. The training programme is identical to the Basic Training Course. There will be one intake every year in Summer between June and August and the course will last for 12 weeks from 9:00am to 5:00pm.


All Recruit Police Constables (Auxiliary) must pass the Final Examination before passing out from the HKAPF Headquarters.

Upon successful completion of the Basic Training Course, graduating trainees will take part in a passing-out parade with Chinese foot drill at the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force Headquarters. The parade will also consist of a flag raising ceremony with the National Anthem played. Graduating trainees may cordially invite family members to attend the parade to share such solemn and dignified moments.