Physical Fitness Test


Applicants for (Police Constable / Police Inspector) will be required to undergo the following test items for the Physical Fitness Test:-

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4 x 10m shuttle-run aims at assessing an applicant’s speed and athletic agility.

Tips for training

  • Alternate speed run, any short distance shuttle run, and 50-meter speedy dash
  • Exercise or weight training (squat or leg press and leg extension exercises) to improve lower limb strength
  • Conduct the training 2-3 times per week with 2-3 sets of different exercises per session.

The handgrip strength test is designed to test the muscular strength of applicants’ upper limb, particularly the forearm strength.

Tips for training

  • Resistance exercises that target upper limb muscles such as push-up, pull-up, and dumb-bell (arm-curl, shoulder front or lateral raise exercise) etc.
  • Training can be performed 2 times per week, with 2-3 sets per session. For each exercise, select a weight that you can perform the exercise with 8-12 times.
  • For body weight exercise such as push-up and pull-up, perform as many repetitions as possible until mild fatigue but not exhaustion. (At least 48 hours apart between sessions).

Vertical jump is designed to test the applicants’ leg power.

Tips for training

  • Any kind of jumping exercise; &
  • Resistance exercises that involve lower legs, such as squat or leg press and leg extension exercises aided by fitness equipment.
  • For ideal effect, it is better to train with a weight that you could perform the exercise with repeatedly 8-12 times and at least 48 hours apart between sessions.
  • Conduct the training 2 times per week, with 2-3 sets per session.

800m run is a test for a combination of aerobic and anaerobic power.

Tips for training

  • Practice middle-distance run (800m to 1600m) at a moderately fast speed
  • 2-3 sets of interval training (i.e. fast run for 200m followed by another 200m of moderate speed run for 4-5 times)
  • Conduct the training 3 times per week with 2-3 sets per session.
  • For ideal effect, it is better to train every day.

Standards for Passing the Physical Fitness Test

Test Items: 14x10m Shuttle-run,  Passing Standards(Men) 10.92 seconds, Passing Standards(Women) 12.29 seconds; Handgrip Strength Test(the sum of both left & right handgrip strength),  Passing Standards(Men) 76.3 kg, Passing Standards(Women) 49.1 kg;  Vertical Jump,  Passing Standards(Men) 49.6 cm, Passing Standards(Women) 36.6 cm; 800m Run,  Passing Standards(Men) 3 min 11 seconds, Passing Standards(Women) 4 min 29 seconds;

Applicants are advised to carry out regular and appropriate training exercises according to individual physical status at least three months before the actual submission of their application.

Furthermore, the Hong Kong Police Force is now introducing tailor-made Physical Fitness Training Workshops for those who are interested in joining the Force.

Please click here for details of the workshops.