Police Inspector

As a leader within the Force, Police Inspector should possess with the below qualities: -

Good interpersonal skills
Leadership skills

Appointed Probationary Inspectors will undergo 36 weeks of foundation training which covers: -

Leadership, command and control
Human resources management
Laws, legal proceedings and police procedures
Sociology in policing
Psychology in policing
Physical training
Tactics and use of force
Weapon training

Trainees must pass the Standard One Professional Examination before passing out from the Hong Kong Police College as a qualified police inspector.

Probationary Inspector Professional Diploma Programmes

Upon successful completion of the 36-week Probationary Inspector (PI) foundation training programmes, Hong Kong Police College may award trainees with vocational qualifications that are recognized under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF), namely “Professional Diploma in Leadership and Management in Policing” *.

*QF Level 5 (at the same level of a Bachelor's degree of the academic sector).

The PI Professional Diploma Programmes was quality assured by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) through a rigorous accreditation process and recognized under the QF as meeting the accreditation standards at QF Level 5 (at the same level of a Bachelor's degree of the academic sector).

Training Venues

Hong Kong Police College is equipped with various professional facilities and venues to provide training of excellent quality.

Through repeated foot drill trainings, officers would build up sense of consciousness, self-discipline and team spirit. The newly introduced Chinese-style foot drill will enchance the trainees’ national sentiment and patriotic feelings for the country, and showcases the demeanour of the Hong Kong Police Force.

The tactics training complex replicates real streets, residential buildings and training compartments for tactical training and use of force exercises, for example handling of suspicious person, serious cases or ad-hoc incidents etc.

Trainees are required to undergo professional firearm and weapon training in different indoor and outdoor ranges. Officers will continue to attend regular trainings and examinations after passing out from the college with a view to maintaining the professional standard.

Given the intensity involved in the Foundation Training, trainees are required to resides in the college throughout the training. Trainees will maintain the tidiness and cleanliness of the barrack amongst themselves.