Housing benefits for Inspectorate officers include various types of residential accommodation within the scope of the Police Departmental Quartering Pool, Civil Service Housing Benefits and other related housing benefits. They include:

  • Local Inspectorate Quarters

    Married and local Inspectorate Officers (except those reaching Police Pay Scale point 36) are eligible to apply for quarters upon passing out from Police College.

  • Non-Accountable Cash Allowance

    After advancement to Senior Inspector of Police, if the officer starts to draw Non-accountable Cash Allowance, he/she will be eligible for 120 months of cash allowance.

Medical advice and treatment, investigative procedure and medicines are available free of charge to the police officer and his/her family by the Government or Hospital Authority. A charge is made for hospital maintenance. Dental treatment (extraction and fillings) is provided free of charge in Government dental clinics and reasonable charges are made for dentures and dental appliances.

Vacation Leave

Sick Leave

Maternity Leave

Paternity Leave

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The Police Children's Education Trust and the Police Education and Welfare Trust provide financial assistance to officers for aiding secondary and tertiary education of their children.

The Police Officers' Club (for Inspectorate officers and above) is situated in Causeway Bay and the Police Sports Recreation Club (for all ranks) is situated at Boundary Street. These Clubs provide a diverse range of social, sporting and recreational facilities for police officers.

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