What's Sexual Violence?

Sexual violence occurs when a person does not consent to such act.

A victim of sexual violence can be any person regardless of their age, sex, race, occupation, marital status or sexual orientation.

It can also happen when the victim is unable to give consent owing to his / her age, mental capacity, fear, the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances.

There is no legal definition for sexual violence in Hong Kong. The current laws of Hong Kong safeguards members of the public against a broad range of sexual behaviours that make the victim frightened or threatened.

Sexual violence can take place in the form of physical force, threat of force, coercion, intimidation, duress or deceit.

It includes rape, attempted rape and marital rape, indecent assault, incest, being forced to engage in masturbation or oral sex, buggery, and indecent exposure.

It may occur in public or in private place.

The perpetrators can be members of the family, relatives, acquaintance or strangers.