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Promoting Animal Protection Messages

"Animal Protection Starts from Teenagers"


On 2021-07-26, the Hong Kong Award for Young People, officers of JPC CDIST and “Animal Watchers Programme” from RCPO HKI co-organized a seminar under the theme of “Animal Protection” at the JPC Clubhouse of CDIST. The teenagers were taught to be a responsible pet owner and the message of caring for animals was also delivered to them. During the event, some volunteer dogs were arranged to interact with the participants with a view to understanding how to get along with the animals practically.

"Animal Protection Starts from Schools"


In July 2021, officers of “Animal Watchers Programme” from RCPO HKI lined up numbers of seminars under the theme of animal protection to the students of kindergartens and secondary schools in WDIST with PCRO WDIST, which drew the participation of over 300 students. The illustrator of the publication, "Animal Guardians of the Galaxy" was also invited to the seminar sharing the ideas and story of the publication.

"Animal Protection Starts from Schools"


Prior to the commencement of summer holidays, officers of “Animal Watchers Programme” from RCPO HKI, the “Animal Guardians of the Galaxy” incarnate turned out again and visited two kindergartens in Chai Wan aiming to disseminate the messages of caring for animals and respecting life to the students by storytelling.

“Animal Protection Starts from Schools”


On 2021-06-10 and 2021-06-16, officers of “Animal Watchers Programme” from RCPO HKI, the “Animal Guardians of the Galaxy” incarnate visited two kindergartens in Chai Wan and Central disseminated the messages of caring for animals and respecting life to the students by storytelling. After the event, students expressed their willingness to support animals together as the “Animal Guardians of the Galaxy” incarnate.

Besides, RCPO HKI held a seminar under the theme of “Love and Care For Animals” at the Hong Kong Sea School, Stanley with Police Dog Unit, PCRO WDIST and some volunteer dogs to disseminate the message of supporting animals to the students.

"Be kind to all People and Animals"


On 14 May 2021, Officers of "Animal Watchers Programme" from RCPO HKI visited Po Leung Kuk in Causeway Bay and shared the knowledge of animal protection with the children accommodating there.

Two 4-months-old black Labrador puppies from the Police Dog Unit played with the children, amused and brought much joy to them. RCPO HKI Chief Inspector Woo Kin Chung distributed the "Animal Guardians of the Galaxy" comic books to the children and presented an appreciation certificate to the Vice-Chairman, Ms Jenny Y C Tam.

Let's spread love and protect animals.

"Protecting Animal Starts from Childhood"


Police have been striving hard to raise young people's awareness of protecting and caring for animals. RCPO HKI, PCRO WDIST and Teens and Elderly Mission Committee jointly produced a comic book collection called "Animal Guardians of the Galaxy". The comic books have been distributed to the kindergartens, primary schools, public libraries on Hong Kong Island, and the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong and SPCA, with a view to heightening students' and young people's awareness of animal protection.

Mr So Kai Kwok, Chairman of Teens and Elderly Mission Committee, visited a primary school in Wan Chai and delivered the comic books as a gift to the principal on 11 May 2021, and obtained staunch support from him.

Animals are human's friends. Love animals, respect life.

【 動物守護社區大使宋芝齡和守護動物專業人士一齊有話說】




【 🐱比比的故事】





Love and care for animals starting from schools


Officers of the Regional Crime Prevention Office, Hong Kong Island (RCPO HKI), bringing along Doctor Pets, deliver a talk on love and care for animals to the students of a primary school in Wan Chai on 16 April 2021.

The talk was held in a relaxing atmosphere and the students actively participated in the Q&A session. The talk helped developing their concpet of love and care for animals as well as to respect for life. They were also taught the importance of caring for animals and the consequences of hurting them.

Promoting Love and Care for Animals


A stray cat has been found grievously injured and suspected to be assaulted in the vicinity of Wah Ming House, Wah Fu Estate. The case is under investigation.

On 25 March 2021, officers of the RCPO HKI, together with the uniformed officers of Aberdeen Police Station, distributed leaflets to kaifongs in the area of Wah Fu Estate to promote love and care for animals. In the meantime, the police appealed to anyone who had witnessed the incident or had information about it to contact them as soon as possible.

In 2020, officers of Hong Kong Island Regional Crime Prevention Office have conducted a series of publicity campaigns with a view to promoting animal protection messages and reminding the public to report suspected cases of cruelty to animals. During which, leaflets and souvenirs were distributed to the public.

In July 2020, Hong Kong Island Regional Crime Prevention Officehas invited KOL Bonnie Chu to shoot a short video clip promoting animal protection messages, reminding members of the public that caring for animals is not just a slogan, but it requires everyone to put it into practice.

Building Partnership with Animal-related Stakeholders

In 2020, officers of Hong Kong Island Regional Crime Prevention Officehave engaged various local animal-related organisations and established close cooperation with them so to strengthen intelligence exchange. In particular, Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services and Doctor Pet have been recruited as the partnering agencies of Hong Kong Island Region. In addition, the Region has also secured the support of Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services for regular visits to its centre by AWP members.

Other Activities / Work

Protect Animals - Do Not Use Animal Traps


Illegal use of animal traps may cause injuries to wild animals and harm innocent people. On 8 March 2021, the police, together with officers of AFCD and SPCA, searched animal traps on the hillsides near Chai Wan cemetery and distributed leaflets to hikers, urging the public not to use animal traps. During the operation, one animal trap and a steel wire for trap making were found deep in the wood and were seized by AFCD officers.