Visit Government Flying Service with a close look and touch the aircraft! Visit Government Flying Service with a close look and touch the aircraft!


I first heard of "Government Flying Service" on a TV drama a few years ago. When I knew that I could visit the base of the Government Flying Service (GFS) located at Hong Kong International Airport, I was very excited. When we got there, a GFS staff member had already been waiting for us. He told us their duties and showed us the equipment. He also told us how to apply for positions at the GFS.

Some people may think that working in the GFS is easy as there are fewer natural disasters in Hong Kong compared with other places. However, soon after the visit I know it is a false perception. The GFS could be under great pressure and extremely busy during and after the typhoon season, not to mention other natural disasters that are unexpected. Besides, the GFS also provides support in other areas, such as aerial surveys and hill fire rescues. We had a chance of observing the team's professionalism as an alarm went off during our visit and immediately several of the staff ran and got in the aircraft. Later we were told that a person was injured while hiking and the team was rushed to fly him to hospital.

Besides the timely reaction of the GFS, I was also impressed by the outfit and was given a chance to wear their uniform. We could even have a close look and touch the aircraft, which made the visit a highly memorable one. Becoming an Aircrewman Officer in the GFS has now become my dream for it is a meaningful duty full of challenges.

(Mr FONG Kiu-fung, JPC Leader of Kwun Tong District)


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