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Force thanked for quick response


@Last September the Phoenix Court Owners' Corporation at Broadcast Drive posted a notice for all owners to attend a general meeting to discuss Phoenix Court affairs.

@Shortly after we placed the notice, we discovered that it had been altered. All owners were concerned about what had happened although we did not realise the seriousness of the incident at the time.

@Shortly before the meeting, however, four males with tattoos appeared at the meeting place in a bid to intimidate the owners from discussing a certain matter. Fortunately, someone called the police. They arrived shortly and the four males left.

@Lee Yeung-chi, an off-duty police officer who as a resident of Phoenix Court was also attending the meeting, advised the intruders not to cause trouble, as well. As a result, order was restored and the meeting could proceed.

@I, on behalf of all owners, would like to express my gratitude to the police officers who participated in this operation.

Yours sincerely,
Chan Ping-tim,
Chairman, Phoenix Court Owners' Corp,
Broadcast Drive

To all Dowman Road Race runners


@I am an athlete who likes running and, along with many of my colleagues, always participate in competitions initiated by the Force.

@Last January over 986 Force members ran in the gruelling 12K Dowman Cup Race '97 - a record number of runners for the Dowman.

@To date, however, my colleagues and I in KW Region who participated in the Dowman have not yet received the certificate issued by the organiser which authenticates the fact that we ran the prestigious race.

@This delay has been very disappointing.

@Could you please tell us when to expect our certificates.

DPC Lam Kong-sek,

REPLY . . .


@Many competitors in this year's Dowman Road Race have asked if and when certificates commemorating their achievement will be issued.

@The answers are "Yes - certificates will be issued", and that "They are in the post".

@The hiccups with their production began when we were unable to retrieve the results from the computer in any intelligible form, it being the first time that S&R Division had tabulated the race results on computer.

@Then came the printing. The original photograph was torn and then the printers asked for another copy.

@Last, but not least, the PAC Committee was busy with their work commitments over the transition period, which, of course, took precedence over their leisure activities.

@Producing race certificates is an arduous, time consuming and labour intensive job. It is done voluntarily and PAC foot the bill for materials. The PAC committee is now considering its options, one of which is not to issue certificates any more unless some of our Dowman Road Race fans would like to volunteer for the job.

@But the Dowman Road Race goes on.

J C S McDouall
Police Training School

Queries on the Police Safety Protector Scheme


@I joined the Police Safety Protector Scheme provided by AIU Ltd under the encouragement of Personnel Services Branch several years ago. Fortunately, there was no need for me to receive any insurance payments in the past.

@Last May, however, I underwent a medical operation that necessitated a hospital stay of several days.

@I then approached AIU Ltd to check the coverage for my hospitalisation expenses, and under instructions given by AIU staff, I completed their application form for coverage and provided them with my receipt for hospitaliation fees and sick leave form.

@They assured me I would receive my insurance claim payments within the next three weeks. Three months later, and with no insurance money forthcoming, I contacted AIU Ltd several times. Each time they informed me that their company was trying to obtain my medical report from the Hospital Authority, and that this was one of the necessary procedural steps for permitting claim payments.

@Needless to say, the performance of AIU Ltd has been disappointing.

@When they launched the promotion of the scheme, they guaranteed to provide coverage for hospitalisation expenses once their customers showed proper documentation of their hospital stay. Instead they insisted upon receiving the formal medical report - which is far different from an ordinary certificate of hospitalisation.

@My aim in writing this letter is to share my experience with colleagues and to remind Personnel Services Branch that they are in a position to help out Force members who may have what they consider a legitimate complaint against an insurance company that the Personnel Services Branch has endorsed.

A Force member participating in
the Police Safety Protector Scheme

(name witheld on request)

REPLY . . .


@I am pleased to be able to inform you that AIU forwarded a cheque to the author of this letter on 15 August 1997.

@The delay in making the payment was due to a failure to provide sufficient information on the claim form and the need for AIU to obtain additional information from the Hospital Authority.

@Personnel Services Branch is proud of the various insurance schemes we have been able to negotiate for the benefit of Force members. They provide excellent benefits at very reasonable costs.

@We are always pleased to receive feedback on any of our schemes. Should anyone have a problem or require assistance with the Police Safety Protector Scheme they are most welcome to contact Peter Ma, SEO A&SUP PS (Tel: 2804-1123, Fax: 2865-4799) and we will be pleased to assist them.

M Samson,

Force recruitment commercial right on


@I write to congratulate all the production staff on the success of the latest recruitment TV commercial which tells the story of a constable saving two people from a fire.

@Firstly, I am delighted to see a theme which promotes a caring Force.

@Secondly, and more importantly, is the stunning part of the commercial when the constable tells himself that next time he will bring along more equipment - "to do the job better".

@Those words by the constable are exactly, as I see it, our way forward, our Vision that Hong Kong remains one of the safest societies in the world, our Common Purpose of safeguarding and protecting life and property and our Value of dedication to quality service and continuous improvement.

@My heart-felt congratulations again.

Sheriff Sin K W,



@May I comment on the following which appeared in the article on FICS in OFFBEAT issue 619:

@"Other criticism is directed at the design of the system - although it was the users (via the user groups) who asked for the design that was given to them."

@Some readers may interpret this as Information Systems Wing saying to its customers: "You got what you asked for so you will have to put up with it."

@I would not wish readers to interpret the excerpt thus and, anyway, this is emphatically not the case.

@The development of FICS has posed great challenges and there have been a number of problems. These have not been solved by the main players - ourselves and the user groups - finding fault with each other, rather by working as mutually respected partners and applying our combined intellectual capabilities to producing the best system that we could.

@Expressed another way there has been no place, in the project, for the assignment of blame.

@The FICS concept was an ambitious step but a step somewhat into the unknown. As a world leader in law enforcement the Hong Kong Police will always have to, in many instances, pioneer. Whilst the project invariably moved forward decisively and with a sense of purpose, there can be no denying that on occasions we were feeling, cautiously, in the dark.

@The result is a workable system and one on which we will now build.

@I should also like to express my deep appreciation to the third party in this implementation exercise - the officers, mostly in report rooms, who are now actually using the system. Their patience and forbearance have been most gratifying as have been their constructive advice and comments on how we might improve the system.

@As the article made clear, we still have a great deal of work ahead of us but the ultimate result will be a system that adds inestimable value to the Force. We accept that there are some fundamental problems that need to be addressed quickly - common terminal DOS speed, network bandwidth and so on - but the fact remains that the system is now in production throughout the Force and is improving in reliability day by day.

Yours sincerely,
P.E. Halliday
ACP, Information Systems

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