A group of "protestors" in front of the stage backdrop of the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre during the Police Tactical Unit's demonstration of crowd management tactics

A PTU company enthralls the audience with tactical deployment of tear gas

Massed Pipes & Drums display marching into the hearts of the crowd

Asia's Finest proudly carry in their standard

One of the highlights of the show was a silent drill display by the Police Training School's drill team

Some of the music the Force band played included: Wings, The Green Glens of Antrum and Descendant of the Dragon

Spectators get a bird's eye-view of the pageantry of Police Night '97

"May the Force be with you". "Darth Vadar" leads the Singapore Police Force Band through the band's musical tribute to the movie Star Wars

Band tympanist keeping the beat

A crowd pleaser was the Singapore Police Force Band's rendition of Thus Spake Zarathustra (the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey)

Another thrilling moment of the night was this mock deployment of a PTU company using Saxon armoured vehicles for cover

Disco cops. The Village People don't have anything on this well-choreographed display by the Singapore Police Force Band members

The Junior Police Call's dragon dance was superb

Until they fired their revolvers, you could hear a pin drop during the remarkably precise silent drill display by the PTS drill team
The proud pipes and drums of the blue-tartaned Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Band are joined
during the finale with the Regular Hong Kong Police Band pipers and drumers in their red tartans

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