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PC Har's courageous attempt to save a father

The following letter was sent to CP Hui . . .


I would like to express my sincere thanks to Police Constable Har Kwok-wah of Patrol Sub- Unit 2, Happy Valley Police Station.

Our beoved father, Lau Yick-sum went hiking on Black's Link on 10 October 98 where he experienced a sudden heart attack and was found unconscious on the roadside. When Police Constable Har arrived at the scene he immediately performed artificial resuscitation on my father, who unfortunately passed away and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Nevertheless, I believe PC Har tried his best in a courageous effort to save my father's life, and we will never forget his brave attempt to revive my father. PC har sets the highest of examples to his colleagues and represents the Hong Kong Police Force at its very best.

On behalf of my younger brother Alex, we write to show our appreciation to the Hong Kong Police Force and especially to Mr Har.

Lau Yue-bong, Bosco

Tsing Ma breakdown


I write to express my gratitude for the joint effort carried out by traffic police, firemen and ambulance personnel who came to my aid last November when my car broke down and began to emit large billows of smoke on the Tuen Mun Highway near the junction of Tsing Ma Bridge.

The police, fire and ambulance services responded to my emergency call at once, with the traffic officers quickly slowing down and diverting the flow of traffic, the firemen attending to my car, and the medical personnel ensuring that my parents were all right.

I was so impressed by their combined effort that I felt obliged to write in praise and recognition of their deeds.

My heartfelt tnahks to all who helped us out when we were in trouble and in need of their help.

Terence Chang Cheuk-cheung
Principal, Jockey Club Ti-I College

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