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New launches launched!

The agile new fleet

Six agile new launches were commissioned November 15, greatly boosting the inshore policing capabilities of Marine Region.

Officiating at the launch in Joss House Bay, Commissioner Eddie Hui Ki-on said: "With an innovative design in water jet propulsion, these launches are particularly useful in carrying out aggressive patrols and logistics duties in inshore waters.

"The new craft, which combine advanced technology with modern shipbuilding, are fast, durable and, most importantly, safe vessels for Marine Police to perform their duties."

The launches, each costing $7 million, are 13 metres long and made of marine-grade aluminium alloy. Highly manoeuvrable, they pack a top speed of 35 knots and carry up to 12 people.

Each is fitted with a Digital Global Positioning Satellite unit, advanced radar systems and a sophisticated TETRA radio communication system.

During the ceremony, Mr Hui thanked and acknowledged the contributions made by all involved in the project, including Marine Region, Communications Branch, the Marine Department and the shipbuilders.