Awards Received in 2018

Date Awards Winner
2018-12-13 Hong Kong Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award 2018 (Top Winner) Hong Kong Police College
2018-12-08 Outstanding Family-Friendly Employment Practices Award Hong Kong Police Force
2018-10 Galaxy Award 2018 Silver Award (Corporate Identity category) - Microfilm of "My Police Story" Contest ("A Small Role? But Profound Impact!") Hong Kong Police College
Service Quality Wing
2018-06-30 Senior Citizen Home Safety Association “Outstanding Partner Award” Hong Kong Police College
2018-06-13 Indoor Air Quality Certificate Hong Kong Police Force
2018-05-25 “Elite Change Management Award” of HKIHRM HR Excellence Award Scheme 2017/18 Hong Kong Police College
2018-05-22 2018 QUESTAR Award
Bronze Award under “Non-Profit Organizations” Category – Force Promotional Video 2018
Police Public Relations Branch
Hong Kong Police College
2018-05-22 2018 QUESTAR Award
Bronze Award under “Corporations – Internal Communication” Category – LTV Wave IX training video “Dialogue in the Dark”
Service Quality Wing
Hong Kong Police College
2018-05-22 2018 QUESTAR Award
Silver Award under “Corporations – In-House Production” Category – PNC’s Suicide Prevention Video
Police Negotiation Cadre
2018-05-22 2018 QUESTAR Award
Bronze Award under “Corporations – Anniversary” Category – PNC’s 40th Anniversary Video
Police Negotiation Cadre
2018-05-21 Third Highest Donation Award of “Community Assistance Raised by Employees Scheme (Civil Service Category)”,
“Outstanding Award for the Employee Contribution Programme”,
“Bronze Award of the Corporate & Employee Contribution Programme”
from the Community Chest of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Police Force
2018-05-14 QF Star Supporter Hong Kong Police College
2018-04-12 “Asia Recruitment Awards 2018 (Hong Kong)” -

Silver Award for the “Best Graduate Recruitment Programme”

Silver Award for the “Best Recruitment Advertising Strategy”

Bronze Award for the “Best Career Website”
Personnel Wing (Recruitment Division)
2018-03-27 "Diamond Award for donation of $100,000 or more (Team)", "Highest Donation Award (Team)" and "Highest Number of Participants Award" of the Po Leung Kuk Charity Walk Hong Kong Police Force
2018-03-16 10 Years Plus “Caring Organisation” Logo Hong Kong Police Force
2018-02-17 Honors Award, Video (In-House Production) Mercury Excellence Awards 2017/18 Hong Kong Police College
2018-01 ‘2018 Training Top 125 Award’ of the “Training Magazine” (U.S.) HKPC
(Detective Training Centre)