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Finance, Administration & Planning

Improving Efficiency and Implementing New Projects

In 2008, the Finance Wing continued to exercise a strong sense of responsibility in the management of financial resources and to place financial authority in the hands of budget holders.

The Administration Wing had an active year, exploring ways to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the services rendered by civilian staff. It will continue its endeavours to further improve the quality of the services and to promote staff relations in the civilian grades.

During the year, the Planning and Development Branch completed the construction of a Crime Prevention Exhibition Room and the Tai Lam Chung Vehicle Examination Centre. The Central District Headquarters and Central Division building and Junior Police Officers' Married Quarters in Tuen Mun are under construction for targeted completion in 2010.

Finance Wing
2008-09 Financial Results

For the financial year ending March 31, 2009, the total expenditure of the Force was estimated to be $11.9 billion, amounting to about 4.6 per cent of the Government's total budget for the year. Of this allocation, salaries and allowances accounted for about $10.2 billion, with the rest being contributed by departmental expenses and capital items. Fines, penalties and other fees and charges are expected to produce about $431 million in revenue.

One-line Vote
Under the One-line Vote arrangement, expenditures under various traditional sub-heads are now pooled under the sub-head of operational expenses. Subject to prescribed conditions, the Force has the flexibility to vire funds between categories under this sub-head without having to seek prior approval. This arrangement continued to considerably facilitate decision-making in resource management.

Administration Wing
The Force has a civilian establishment of over 4 700, providing administrative, secretarial and technical support services to Police operations. A number of initiatives were launched in 2008 to streamline procedures and optimise deployment of resources. They included amalgamation of registries, rationalisation of the supervisory structure of the Police Translator grade, and provision of over-the-phone interpretation services.

Planning and Development Branch
The new Central District Headquarters (CDIST HQ) and Central Division (CDIV) building has been under construction since April 2007. Completion is expected by February 2010. The new building, adjacent to Water Front Division, will allow Central District to amalgamate its divisions to form a single-division district. When CDIST HQ and CDIV are relocated to the new building, their current office accommodation in the Arsenal House Complex will house the Wan Chai District Headquarters and Wan Chai Division as originally planned.

The Junior Police Officers' (JPO) Married Quarters in Tuen Mun Area 44 is under construction for completion in the first quarter of 2010. The quarters comprise two 21-storey blocks on a 2-storey podium, providing 336 units. The quarters will alleviate the shortfall of JPO quarters in the northwestern part of the New Territories.

2008 saw the completion of the $4.8 million Crime Prevention Exhibition Room on the first floor of Tseng Choi Street Community Complex in Tuen Mun. This 143-square-metre exhibition room, under the New Territories North Regional Crime Prevention Office, was officially opened in July 2008. Modern security equipment and devices and useful information to enhance public awareness of crime prevention are on display in the exhibition room.

The new $9.8 million Tai Lam Chung Vehicle Examination Centre was completed in October 2008, replacing the Kwai Shing Vehicle Examination Centre. The new Centre will serve both the New Territories North and New Territories South Regions by providing a one-stop shop service for weighing, examining and detaining vehicles. The new facility enhances Police's capability to cope with the increase in traffic enforcement actions brought about by the new transport infrastructure facilities being developed in the New Territories such as Deep Bay Link and Shenzhen Western Corridor.

Planning of two important projects is underway. In October 2008, the Government's Star Chamber declared support in principle for the Kowloon East Regional Headquarters (KE RHQ) and Operational Base cum Ngau Tau Kok Division Police Station project. The project will bring the KE RHQ, Railway District Headquarters and their various operational units under one roof in a complex built at the existing Kai Tak Operational Base on Concorde Road. The Ngau Tau Kok Police Station will be re-provisioned from Kowloon Bay to the new complex to cater for the policing needs arising from the Kai Tak Development. The new complex will be constructed with due consideration to environmental performance.