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Personnel and Training

Supporting a Professional and Caring Workforce

The Force continues to recognise the necessity for a well-trained, professional, highly motivated and committed team of Police officers in order to deliver a quality service to the public and to deal with the complexity of the challenges that lie ahead.

In 2008, the Force supported various initiatives to improve the welfare and conditions of service of its staff, including career development and job satisfaction schemes. At the same time, the Force continued to promote a healthy lifestyle and to encourage a caring culture within the Force through participation in community-related voluntary activities.

Human Resources
In order to attract high-calibre candidates to the Force in an increasingly competitive job market, the Force has continued to adopt pro-active recruitment strategies, including a Recruitment Day, the Application Express and the Education and Careers Expo. The Force has also continued to strengthen its partnerships with local universities through the Police Mentorship Programme and the Auxiliary Undergraduate Scheme. There are now a total of 10 universities and tertiary institutes in the programme.

To cater for the human resources needs of the Force and to enhance the professional knowledge and effectiveness of officers at all levels, a total of 164 junior Police officers, 143 inspectorate officers and 62 officers at the rank of superintendent and above attended various overseas and Mainland courses and training exchanges. Further training and development opportunities, including job attachments and secondments, were identified to develop those officers with high potential .

On May 23, 2008, the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council approved project funding of $57.6 million for the redevelopment of the current Personnel Information Communal System and its satellite systems. The new system will provide important personnel information and strengthen the Force's human resources management functions.

Welfare, Conditions of Service and Staff Relation
The Personnel Services and Staff Relations Branch strives to provide a 'best care' system through various means in order to create a better life for staff and families alike.

The Staff Relations Group continues to maintain effective communication and interaction with the Staff Associations and coordinates the meetings of the Police Force Council Staff Side, the Senior Consultative Committee and the Junior Consultative Committee. All of the meetings are held periodically and attended by various representatives from the Staff Associations and members of Force management.

The Hong Kong Police Volunteer Service Corps has grown to 50 teams, all of which were active in providing services to the community during 92 activities organised by the Corps or by non-governmental organisations during the year.

After the mudslides triggered by heavy rains in June, a number of volunteer teams turned out to assist residents in Tai O, Lantau whose homes and vicinity were badly damaged. The concern of Force members for the less fortunate of the community was also evident during the collection of 75 425 kilogrammes of clothing at various collection points at the Police clubs, Police Married / Disciplined Services Quarters and some Police Stations for the Used Clothing Collection Campaign. This was the highest amount collected in the past five campaigns.

In addition, a series of Force-wide donation campaigns were organised in the aftermath of the snowstorms and earthquakes in the Mainland in 2008, as a result of which a total of $4,785,389.30 was donated to the Hong Kong Red Cross to provide assistance to the relief work in the Mainland. A further $869,508.80 was also raised for the Hong Kong Special Olympics and the Community Chest of Hong Kong during the year.

Having been awarded the Caring Organisation Logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service since 2006, the Force received its third Caring Organisation Logo award in 2008 in recognition of its continuing efforts. As a tribute to its voluntary service commitments, the Force was presented a Merit of Highest Service Hour Award (Public Organisations) by the Social Welfare Department.

During the year, the Force collaborated with the Police Sports and Arts Clubs and formations in organising various activities, such as the Healthy Lifestyle Carnival and the Physical Fitness and Health Management Day, to encourage officers to maintain levels of physical fitness and health commensurate with their police duties.

The Welfare Services Group provides welfare and counselling services to Force members and their families and handles various health, family and work-related personal problems. During 2008, the Group conducted 2 796 welfare interviews during which advice and guidance were given. The Group also showed concern and care to officers who were suffering from illnesses or from injuries incurred whilst on duty. To promote family harmony, seven family life education programmes were organised at which 1 923 Force members and their families attended.

The Psychological Services Group provides an in-house professional counselling service and promotes the psychological well-being and mental health qualities of all Force members. During the year, the Group arranged a series of briefings prior to the policing of the Olympic and Paralympic Equestrian Events, with the aim of enhancing the psychological preparedness of officers.

The Quartering Division currently administers a total of 11 611 Junior Police Officer (JPO) quarters and 606 Inspectorate Officer quarters. The construction work for a new JPO quarters at a site in Tuen Mun Area 44, consisting of a total of 336 units, is scheduled for completion in early 2010.

Hong Kong Police College
Since its establishment in 2006, the Hong Kong Police College has been providing vocational, professional and developmental training programmes to Force members. In January 2008, the College's web-based Training Management System was successfully rolled out to facilitate the automation of administration procedures for training course advertisement, application and placement.

The College has continued collaborating with the Open University of Hong Kong to provide psychological and social studies modules in policing as part of a foundation training course for recruit Police constables. In 2008, these arrangements were extended to probationary inspectors, forming part of a pathway for the award of a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Law Enforcement and Security Management.

Force Research Award Scheme
To promote and coordinate research activities in the Force, the College launched the Force Research Award Scheme. It is hoped that professional and academic research will enhance the Force's research capability and effectiveness.

Police Band
The Police Band, comprising a Silver Band and a Pipe Band, has continued to take part in public and community relations programmes. The Band played a major role in formal ceremonies, especially those related to the Olympic Equestrian Events, and in welcoming ceremonies for the Chinese astronauts and Olympic gold medalists.