Employment after Retirement

Our retired Police officers are knowledgeable in police work and of good physique. Their professional training and experience are highly recognized and considered suitable for many jobs, especially those related to security, housing estate management, investigation, etc. The Resettlement Services Unit of the Force provides a free service to Employers in recruiting retired police officers and maintains job placement services for Job Seeking Retired Police Officers.   A list of Jobs Available for Retired Officers is maintained by the Unit.

To the Employers

Employers who wish to employ retired police officers , please contact the Resettlement Services Unit. We will match your requirements against the list of job seeking retired police officers and will refer suitable candidates for your consideration.

To the Job Seeking Retired Police Officers

If you want to continue working after retirement from the Hong Kong Police Force, we can assist you to find a suitable job. Please contact the Resettlement Services Unit.

Jobs Available for Retired Officers

Information on jobs available for retired officers can be seen on the Chinese version of OffBeat (welfare section) or HERE (Chinese version only). Officers of Inspectorate rank or above can also click HERE. The list is also posted at the notice boards in the Police Sports and Recreation Club and Police Officers' Club and will be updated regularly. If any retired officer wishes to make an enquiry or is interested to apply, please contact the Resettlement Services Unit.