About Us

The Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force (HKAPF) comprises volunteers from all walks of life and has a proud history dating back to its establishment in 1914. The role and organization of the HKAPF have been constantly modified to keep pace with changing circumstances.

The original role of the HKAPF as a trained manpower reserve to support the regular force during times of emergencies has been maintained. The HKAPF continues to render the form and amount of support as determined by the Commissioner of Police in accordance with prevailing operational priorities. Its organization and command have been integrated with the regular force. The HKAPF is established under Section 3 of the Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force Ordinance, Chapter 233 of the Laws of Hong Kong. The establishment is distributed to five land Police Regions in numbers proportional to the uniform branch establishment of each Region. Recruitment of volunteers to join the HKAPF is continuing to ensure the vitality and youthfulness of the Force.

The roles of the HKAPF are as:


An internal security (I.S) trained reserve with the following specific duties:


the protection of Key Points;


providing staff for Command and Control Centres;


providing staff for Station Defence; and


the protection of Consular Premises.


A reserve to assist at times of natural disaster or civil emergencies; and


A support to the regular Force in the performance of crowd management duties during major public events and in other pre-planned operations.
In addition, the HKAPF acts as a trained manpower reserve to support the regular Force in its daily performance of beat patrol duties and in supplementing normal police services during the policing of major events.

Uniform and Equipment of HKAPF

The uniforms and equipment are the same for regular officers and auxiliary members and the only distinguishing feature between regular officers and auxiliary members is that auxiliary members have a letter "A" on their shoulder badges. Auxiliary members will receive full training on using the equipment during the Basic Training Course.