Rank & Promotion

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Rank Structure

The Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force (HKAPF) comprises the following ranks:

  • Commandant, HKAPF [Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (Auxiliary)]
  • Deputy Commandant, HKAPF [Assistant Commissioner of Police (Auxiliary)]
  • Chief Superintendent (Auxiliary)
  • Senior Superintendent (Auxiliary)
  • Superintendent (Auxiliary)
  • Chief Inspector (Auxiliary)
  • Senior Inspector (Auxiliary)
  • Inspector (Auxiliary)
  • Station Sergeant (Auxiliary)
  • Sergeant (Auxiliary)
  • Senior Constable / Constable (Auxiliary)

Promotion Prospects

Promotion to Sergeant (Auxiliary)

A Police Constable (Auxiliary) will be considered for promotion to Sergeant (Auxiliary) if he/she has:

  • completed four years of satisfactory service; and
  • passed the promotion qualifying examination.

Promotion to Station Sergeant (Auxiliary)

A Sergeant (Auxiliary) will be considered for promotion to Station Sergeant (Auxiliary) if he/she has :

  • completed three years satisfactory service in the present rank.

Promotion to Inspector (Auxiliary)

A Police Constable (Auxiliary), Sergeant (Auxiliary), or Station Sergeant (Auxiliary) will be considered for appointment to Inspector (Auxiliary) if he/she has:

  • three years satisfactory service; and
  • meets the minimum entry requirements of an Inspector of Police currently in Force. These are :

Academic Requirements

Candidates should have -

  • a Bachelor degree from a Hong Kong university, or equivalent; or
  • an accredited Associate Degree from a Hong Kong tertiary institution, or a Higher Diploma from a Hong Kong polytechnic / polytechnic university / Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education / technical college, or a Diploma from a registered post-secondary college awarded after the date of its registration, or equivalent; or
  • Level 3 or equivalent or above in five subjects in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSEE), or equivalent; or
  • Grade E or above in two subjects at Advanced Level in the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination and Level 3 / Grade C or above in three other subjects in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE), or equivalent; and

Language Proficiency Requirements

Candidates should have -

  • met the language proficiency requirements of Level 1 results in the two language papers (Use of Chinese and Use of English) in the Common Recruitment Examination, or equivalent; or
  • Level 2 or above in Chinese Language and English Language in HKDSEE or HKCEE, or equivalent; or
  • Applicants not meeting the above requirement may still apply. They will be exempted from this requirement if they have a pass in the English Language Proficiency Test and Chinese Language Proficiency Test for Police Inspector recruitment exercise; and
  • be able to read and write Chinese and speak fluent Cantonese.