Selection Test

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Applicants who meet the entry qualifications will be invited to attend a Selection Test at the Hong Kong Police College, No.18 Ocean Park Road, Wong Chuk Hang.

The Selection Test is comprised of:

(1) Initial Screening;
(2) Selection Interview;
(3) Physical Fitness Test;

An applicant will be requested to produce his identification documents and original papers to prove their academic qualifications claimed.

Initial Screening

The purpose of pre-screening is a basic check to ensure the applicants meet the minimum height, weight and eyesight requirements (Refer to Entry Qualifications for details).

Selection Interview

The formal selection interview is held by two regular/auxiliary police officers of Senior/Chief Inspector rank at Police College, Wong Chuk Hang. The purpose of Selection Interview is to assess an applicant's overall competence in the execution of various duties of an auxiliary member and ensure an appreciation of the high premium that the Auxiliary Police Force places on integrity, ethical behavior and resilience against.

The following attributes of a candidate will be considered during the Selection Interview:

  • Bearing;
  • Power and Manner of Speech;
  • Maturity;
  • Common Sense;
  • Self-confidence;
  • Self-discipline;
  • Determination;
  • General Police Knowledge;
  • Analytical Power;
  • Knowledge of Auxiliary Police Basic Training; and
  • Knowledge of Duty Commitments of Auxiliary Members

Physical Fitness Test

Please note with effect from October 2015, the Revised Physical Fitness Test has been implemented.


Applicants are advised to be able to argue convincingly why they want to be an Auxiliary member, understand this website, be familiar with the general knowledge of Police work, keep abreast of current affairs, and be able to think critically and have an opinion.  They should not memorize or recite verbatim but be able to argue in a balanced and reasonable way.

After the Selection Interview, candidates may be arranged for Integrity Checks and Medical Examination.