Sexual Conviction Record Check


The Sexual Conviction Record Check (SCRC) Scheme has been in operation since 1 December 2011.

To submit new or renewal applications, appointment shall be made through the Online Booking System or the Auto-Telephone Answering System (Tel. 3660 7499) no less than one working day in advance of the intended appointment date. Walk-in applications are not entertained.

For special arrangements as for COVID-19 disease control or in times of tropical cyclones or rainstorms, please click here.

Please download the form to your device and the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and fill in the form (indicating with * below).

What’s New

The new free public Wi-Fi Hotspot has been launched!

Applicants of "Sexual Conviction Record Check", who bear the valid appointment of the day, could make use of their booking references to connect to the free Wi-Fi network available in the Office for 60 minutes!

The Crimes (Amendment) Bill 2021 takes effect on 8 October 2021. Two new offences have been included in the Specified List of Sexual Offences covered by the Sexual Conviction Record Check (SCRC) Scheme, which are s.159AAB "Voyeurism" and s.159AAC "Unlawful Recording or Observation of Intimate Parts" respectively.

To submit a new application, Documentary Proof of Employer showing your prospective employment related to children or mentally incapacitated persons (MIPs) is required. It must be prepared according to our Template of Documentary Proof of Employer and bear the Employer’s signature and company chop. Documentary Proof of Employer is not required for renewal applications.

Applicants can choose to receive an instant notification by either SMS or email when their SCRC results are ready for checking on the Auto Telephone Answering System at 3660 7499.  To use this add-on service free of charge, applicants simply need to opt for “Receiving Reminder” on the Application Form* .

Octopus card is recommended for payment. Please add value to your Octopus card in advance. Add-value service for Octopus cards is not provided by the SCRC Office.

  • New Application Fee: HK$105 per person
  • Renewal Application Fee: HK$70 per person.