Selection Process


General English Test

General Chinese Test

Aptitude Test

English Task Paper

Chinese Task Paper

Basic Law and National Security Law Test

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Impromptu Talk

Impromptu Talk means a talk without preparation. This exercise consists of two parts: one in Cantonese, one in English, and the duration of which is two minutes each.

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Group Discussion

Candidates will be given a subject to discuss in a group setting. The subjects will mainly fall within the areas of topical affairs, social or moral issues.

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Management Exercise

Candidates will be placed in a committee type situation and given a management problem or a crisis situation, which they have to analyze and solve within a given time limit. The assessors will allow candidates some time to digest the given materials. Afterwards, all candidates will discuss and agree on the course of action to solve the problem.

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Leadership Exercise

Candidates will be assigned to lead a small team to complete a physical task. The task may involve leading team members to fulfill missions under certain restrictions.

The mark obtained in the above assessment exercises (Impromptu Talk, Group Discussion, Management Exercise & Leadership Exercise) will be added up to form a total EI mark. Candidates achieving a satisfactory result in the EI will be invited to continue with the remaining selection process.

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Candidates are required to complete a Psychometric Test before they attend the Final Interview Board.

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Candidates who have successfully passed the Extended Interview will be invited to attend a Final Interview Board on another day. The Board is chaired by a Senior Superintendent of Police with two Superintendents of Police as members. The Board will ask questions to further assess the abilities of the candidates such as leadership potential, motivation, values and personality, communication skills, judgment, general knowledge and management potential. The interview will last for about 45 minutes and is held at Police Headquarters, Wan Chai.

After the Final Interview Board, candidates may be arranged for Physical Fitness Test, Integrity Checks and Medical Examination (including Urine Drug Test). For more details on Physical Fitness Test, please visit Fitness.

The whole recruitment process will take at least 16 weeks depending on the number of applicants. On completion of the recruitment and vetting process, you will be informed of the result of your application. Appointment will be offered to those candidates found most suitable for the post of Inspector subject to vacancies.

The following flow-chart will show you the selection process for an Inspector.

2-3 weeks
1. Written Test
2-3 weeks
2. Extended Interview
1 week
3. Psychometric Test
2 weeks
4. Final Interview Board
1-2 weeks
5. Physical Fitness Test
1 week
6. Integrity Checks and Medical Examination
5-12 weeks
7. Appointment