AWP Buddies

In order to signify the development of the AWP, the Force has invited members of the Central Advisory Board to name 12 newborn police puppies with initial "B". These 7 male and 5 female puppies are of the same German Shepard litter. The labour process of these puppies were quite long where their mother Penni took 13 hours to give birth to 13 puppies yet one of them has unfortunately died of frailty.

Whilst the 12 German Shepherd puppies look very much alike, we can still distinguish them through their different physical characteristics and the colouring of their nails. These puppies enjoy playing games and having chicken snacks. At the age of two months, these puppies have already started their pre-training by playing group games and will soon receive formal training to become patrol dogs. Upon the completion of their training, they will be assigned to different Police districts to patrol and assist in enforcement actions. The AWP will grow and thrive, and so are these AWP Buddies.