Co-operation close between Hong Kong Police and Guangdong Border Defence Bureau

DCP Wong warmly greeted by Guangdong Border Defence personnel

Director of DBDB Lin Jie-yuen pointing out some of the finer points of tear gas weaponry

Formidable barricades used by Guangdong
Border Defence Bureau

Guangdong Border Defence Bureau troops display their physical . . .

and tactical prowess for Hong Kong Police contingent

Lasting friendships cemented over a glass (or two) of XO at day's end

RECENTLY Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) Peter Wong Tsan-kwong led a delegation of senior police officers (including ACP (Operations) Spencer Foo Tsun-kong and Border District Commander Tse Chan-fai), to Shenzhen for a one-day meeting with Lin Jie-yuen, Director of the Guangdong Border Defence Bureau, as part of regular on-going meetings between the senior members of the two law enforcement agencies.

@The two sides discussed illegal immigration and enforcement actions, as well as reviewing land and sea anti-II operations along the Shenzhen border.

@DCP Wong was extremely impressed with the highly-trained and well-equipped Guangdong Border Defence Bureau which has intercepted and repatriated over 300 Vietnamese IIs since the beginning of the year - thereby greatly reducing the number of Vietnamese IIs attempting to enter Hong Kong.

@In fact, close co-operation between Hong Kong Police and their counterparts in Guangdong has seen an 18 per cent drop in illegal immigration into the territory. Up to the end of July this year 11,084 illegal immigrants were netted by Hong Kong Police as compared to 13,566 in the same period last year.

@The encouraging drop was not only due to stepped up enforcement actions on both sides of the border but to an enhanced exchange of intelligence especially on aiders and abettors of IIs.

@Said DCP Wong: "The Hong Kong Police greatly value the support of our Guangdong counterparts. Both sides have pledged to continue and further enhance our close working relationship in the interdiction of IIs, with emphasis on aiders and abettors of illegal immigrants."

Expansion of JPO acting appointments
ABOUT 4,600 Sergeants in the police force now have a chance to act up to the rank of Station Sergeant

"Force management felt that all officers,
including JPOs, should be given opportunities
to perform duties at a higher rank for career
development whenever the need for an acting
appointment arises"

In the first phase of an initiative to allow for greater flexibility in the acting appointments of junior police officers introduced since January 1997, about 1,200 station sergeants may single-up to the rank of inspector for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 30 days as a result of the inspectors taking leave.

@From January to August, 103 station sergeants have acted up to the rank of inspector

@After the revision on the implementation of the first phase of acting appointments for JPOs, the second phase of the arrangement was introduced on September 7.

@"Under the second phase, acting appointments are expanded to allow station sergeants to either single-up or double-up to the rank of inspector, while sergeants can single-up to the rank of station sergeant, said Helen Kwong Chen-mee, Superintendent JPO of Personnel Wing.

@"It means that if an inspector takes leave or attends a training course and his station sergeant takes the single-up appointment, then a sergeant in the team/office will have a chance to act up as a station sergeant."

@Continued WSP Kwong: "As doubling-up means acting in an office with a higher maximum salary point than one's own substantive office in addition to undertaking the duties of one's own office at the same time, the duties of a doubling-up officer may be similar in nature, but must be additional to those of his own post. The allowance for a station sergeant doubling-up is a quarter of the minimum pay of an inspector.

@For the acting allowance of a sergeant acting up as a station sergeant, the allowance is the minimum station sergeant's pay minus the mid-point of the sergeant's pay.

@Said WSP Kwong: "The restriction of the 30-day limit will be retained to the acting up arrangement of JPOs and the budget for this second phase is about $1.2 million."

@She said: "Force management felt that all officers, including JPOs, should be given opportunities to perform duties at a higher rank for career development whenever the need for an acting appointment arises."

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