Specialist Units Gear Up For
World Bank-IMF Meeting in Hong Kong


VIP Protection Unit team practices a frontal assault scenario on a "VIP" under their
guardianship. Upon attack, the VIP is immediately put under cover and moved out of harm's
way, while three team members put down covering fire on all flanks - then move back in to
form a human stronghold. During these practice scenarios live ammunition is used

The VIP PU puts a tremendous emphasis on specalist medical training. All officers are qualified
in Basic Trauma Life Support - an internationally recognised trauma support system. Here Unit
members practice pre-hospital aid to a "gunshot wound victim". The VIP PU trauma kit is a
sophisticated life-support pack that contains professional medical equipment
Pressure Point Control Tactics are simple yet extremely effective defensive techniques used to subdue
an opponent. Here VIP PU officers (who also teach the method to other Force units) practice self-defence,
baton and hand-cuffing skills using PPCT


Man's best friend/criminal's worst enemy: Dog handler puts her German Shepherd through its paces easily
apprehending a "criminal" trying to evade arrest

More than a worthy match for even the most sophisticated technological aids - and much faster - here a Police
Dog Unit super canine practices sniffing for explosive material, which it finds hidden in the engine of a car,
and under a building. These dogs can find a variety of explosives typically used in the manufacture of improvised
bombs and are also trained to locate arms and ammunition that may be concealed in luggage


Search Unit member practices electronically sweeping the door of a van in search of explosive material

Police Key Point and Search Division officers with equipment that includes: body armour, explosive detection equipment ground/surface penetrating radar and life support gear

Search Unit teams must cope with the Force's need for an independent search capability in a variety of circumstances ranging from defensive searches for bombs to recovery of evidence at complex crime scenes. Here officers practice the ability to go anywhere in order to conduct a complete search

Leaving nothing to chance, members of the Search Unit inspect boxes containing computer equipment that will be used at the HKC&E Centre during the upcoming World Bank-IMF annual meeting

Search Unit officers in life support gear which allows them to examine areas devoid of oxygen such as manholes, drains, tunnels and so forth

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