ASU wants you

THE Airport Security Unit will hold a selection for sergeants and constables to join the unit in October this year - the last selection to be held for some time as it is expected that ASU will reach the increased Chek Lap Kok establishment from this recruitment exercise.

@Afterwards, commitments to the training for Chek Lap Kok and the logistics of moving the entire Unit, will mean that the next selection may not be until late 1998/1999.

@The recruitment process is introduced in a one-day pre-selection which will be held after applications close later this month. The selection itself is a three-day process where officers must display good team co-operation, natural leadership, confidence with weapons, intelligence and a basic level of fitness.

@The amount of fitness testing during ASU selection is very limited as once an officer is recruited into the Unit, a professional and progressive approach to fitness development is adopted. This approach has meant that the Unit has earned a reputation for being one of the fittest in the Force yet the standard that is accepted in new recruits is barely above average. Any officer who demonstrates some potential for fitness will be closely considered on the basis of other merits.

@More importantly, officers showing the ability to be an active part of a team or to lead a team, along with possessing the intelligence and determination to tackle problems under pressure are likely to succeed in the selection.

@Most officers can be taught to shoot well, but it depends on whether an officer has confidence with weapons. The level of weapons confidence will be tested during the selection process.

@Before an officer joins the ASU he will undergo a challenging eight-week Basic Training Course which combines all of the expertise of the SDU, VIP PU, EOD, Key Points and Search, Police Negotiation Cadre, Auxiliary Medical Service as well as the ASU itself.

@After the course, the new ASU officer will join the Unit full-time continuing to progress by undergoing training once a week with physical and tactical training every day. As ASU officers become more experienced, they can expect to go on full-time specialist courses.

@A normal posting will be for two years, moving to Chek Lap Kok in the middle of 1998, although the Unit has found that several high achievers have remained in ASU for three or more years.

@The Unit is particularly keen on officers who are nearing their promotion bracket as not only do such officers give the level of commitment ASU requires but ASU can offer support and preparation for promotion.

@Applications should be routed through Formation and Major Formation Commanders addressed to DC APDIST, to arrive before 22 September 1997. Additionally, it will assist the administration of pre-selection and selection if applicants fax their application form to DC APDIST (Attn: OC ASU) on 2363-3015. The full recruitment procedure is detailed on HQO No.95 of 1997 Part V.

@This will be the last chance to join ASU for some time.

Yau Tsim Fight Crime Committee
briefed by Narcotics Bureau

RECENTLY members of Yau Tsim District Fight Crime Committee were given a series of briefings by Narcotics Bureau officers at Police Headquarters. Subject matter included the current drug situation, youth drug crime, new drugs of abuse like ice and ecstasy as well as existing drugs prevalent in Hong Kong such as heroin and cannabis.

@After the briefings DFCC members were given a tour of Narcotics Bureau and shown the exhibit store, drug disposal store and the NB Hotline operation.

FFCC members tour Narcotics Bureau after briefing

@Chief Superintendent Narcotics Bureau Henrique Koo Sii-hong thanked those present for attending and said that this had been a valuable opportunity for those concerned with law enforcement to talk directly with Yau Tsim community members. He said he hoped that District Fight Crime Committee members would spread the anti-drug message on their return to their districts.

of 16 officers singled out

POLICE Regional Commander, NTN, Wong Leung Kam-shan presented commendation letters to 16 officers in recognition of their professionalism. Twelve of them, attached to the Regional Crime Unit of New Territories North, demonstrated a high degree of team spirit and vigilance when investigating a kidnap murder case last February. Their endeavours led to the arrest of two suspects and the seizure of a pistol. The arrested persons were convicted of murder and jailed for life. Another four officers from the Tai Po Police District were highly praised for their gallantry in an anti-drug operation last September which resulted in the arrest of 16 drug traffickers. Fourteen of them were convicted and jailed for nine to 32 months.

Outstanding officers commended

(Back row from left) Sergeant Lai Chung-yuen,
Station Sergeant Cheung Hon-keung, Woman
Senior Inspector Mak Siu-fong, Senior Inspector
Cheung Hon-kwong and Police Constable Chan
Fat-chi were recently commended by Regional
Commander of Kowloon West Jim Walker
AT a ceremony held at Kowloon West Regional Headquarters, the Region's Commander Jim Walker presented his commendations to five outstanding KW police officers.

@Woman Senior Inspector Mak Siu-fong was singled out for her professional ability, energy and devotion to duty of a very high order while serving as Assistant District Operations Officer in Mong Kok District between February 1996 and March 1997 during which time she managed to arrange closure orders against 103 vice establishments.

@In addition Senior Inspector Cheung Hon-kwong was commended for his leadership, professional ability and devotion to duty of a very high order while leading an investigation into a series of robbery cases in Kowloon City between December 1996 and February 1997, which resulted in the arrest and prosecution of two serial robbers.

@Police Constable Chan Fat-chi also received a commendation for his energy, professional ability and devotion to duty of a very high order during a surveillance operation in a case involving robberies in Kowloon City.

@ACP Walker also presented commendations to Station Sergeant Cheung Hon-keung and Sergeant Lai Chung-yuen for their leadership, professional ability and devotion to duty of a very high order while serving in the Task Force Sub-unit of the Shek Kip Mei Division between September 1995 and April 1997.


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