Selection Process


The Group Interview consists of three components, i.e., ‘Practical Incident Handling Test’, ‘Self-introduction’ and ‘Group Discussion’.

Practical Incident Handling Test

The ‘Practical Incident Handling Test’ is a practical job-related test based on the genuine job needs of a Police Constable. It serves to assess, amongst other things, the candidates’ communication ability in both Chinese and English languages, judgment and fact-finding ability.

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Self-introduction and Group Discussion

During ‘Self-Introduction’, all candidates will give a self-introduction in a group setting to the interviewers, who will then ask some follow-up questions and questions on current affairs and / or police related subjects as an initial assessment of candidates’ general knowledge. After the ‘Self-introduction’, candidates will attend a ‘Group Discussion’ on local current affairs or Force related issues as directed by the interviewers.

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Physical Fitness Test will take around half a day at the Police College. Please refer to the Fitness for details.


Candidates are required to complete a Psychometric Test before they attend the Final Interview Board.

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After passing the Group Interview, candidates will attend a Final Interview Board on another day. The interview is chaired by two police officers. Candidates will be asked questions on current affairs and other police-related issues to assess their confidence, judgment, expression, communication, analytical ability, resource management and determination to serve the community.

All applicants applying for Recruit Police Constable should obtain a pass in the Basic Law and National Security Law Test (BLNST).

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After the Final Interview Board, candidates may be arranged for Integrity Checks and Medical Examination (including Urine Drug Test).

The whole recruitment process is expected to last for at least 14 weeks, depending on the number of applicants. On completion of all the recruitment and vetting process, you will be informed of the result of your application. Appointment will be offered to those candidates found most suitable for the post of Recruit Police Constable, subject to vacancies.

The following flow-chart will show you the selection process for Constable.

2-3 weeks
1. Group Interview
1 week
2. Physical Fitness Test
1 week
3. Psychometric Test
2 weeks
4. Final Interview Board
1-2 weeks
5. Basic Law and National Security Law Test
1 week
6. Integrity Checks + Medical Examination
5-12 weeks
7. Appointment