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The newspaper of the Hong Kong Police Force
ISSUE 681     June 21 to July 4, 2000

Contents :

  • Promotion prospects back to
    @normal in 2001 Staff associations react . . .

  • Watchdog kids say "thanks"
  • Commissioner's appeal
  • CCB banks lectures on bogus bills
  • Sir Shiu Kin remembered
  • CPB kicks off card crusade
  • D OPS addresses security gurus
  • Tourists taking to faxes
  • Driving to survive
  • The road to better driving
  • NTS seminars on driving safety
  • New numbers to stop sampan swiping
  • 'Phew, for EU KW!'
  • Community leaders tour WTS
  • Crime training workshops
  • Caring cabbie thwarts crims and scoops award
  • Anti-crime fun wins over Wan Chai